Mayflower safely migrates all your site data
from MyFamily to your new private Hub on*

Migrate your safely and securely

Meet Mayflower's export tool isn't perfect. Mayflower fixes that.

is Comprehensive.

Years of memories and history are stored in your site. You may be losing MyFamily, but we can save your data. Mayflower migrates the data you care about: photos, news, documents, history, recipes, and reviews. Our exclusive access allows us give you the most reliable, comprehensive data migration in the world.

Mayflower +
Harbor = Flexible.

Your data should be yours. That's why alongside our Mayflower rollout, we are announcing a new Open Data Model at Spokt. This summer we will release Harbor, a tool that allows you to export your Spokt data. News, photos, history, threaded conversations - now all of your memories can be safely stored on your terms, (and on your own computer).

is affordable.

Mayflower is the only tool on the market to offer comprehensive downloads. It might surprise you to learn that it's affordable, too. Combined with the annual cost of a Spokt Hub (the equivalent of a MyFamily Site), Mayflower still costs less than what most sites are charging for services (without the migration). Our goal is to ensure your data is accessible.

Mayflower Is Here Today

MyFamily is disappearing fast, but your data can be safely stored today.

Stage 1:

With the impending shutdown of, our top priority is to ensure the safe data retrieval for every refugee who needs it. Our first stage safely captures your data and will be put in queue for the subsequent phases. Since we cannot guarantee the uptime of, this tool is offered on a first-come, first-served basis.

Stage 2:
Convert Data

Once Stage 1 is underway, you will need to create the proper connections between your MyFamily site and your new Spokt Hub. You can choose which hub you'd like to import your data into, identify users between your MyFamily site and your Spokt Hub, and initiate your site import. Expect this stage to launch in the second half of July.

Stage 3:
Import to your
Spokt Hub

Now for the fun part. We will import all of your MyFamily data into your new Hub. You will be able to peruse past history, and recall fun memories with the ease of use you've grown to love with Spokt. This stage will be available alongside Stage 2 in the second half of July, and will complete your data transfer process. Wahoo!

Stage 4:
Harbor: Personal

Stage 4 takes you further than you've ever been before. We plan to be around for a very long time, but we're not asking you to take our word for it. This summer we are releasing Harbor, a download service for all of your Spokt data. This means you can keep your most important moments right on your hard drive. Peace of mind is finally here.

* Mayflower captures News, History, Photos, Recipes, Documents, and Reviews, along with threaded conversations for each (meaning all comments/replies for each post).

** As Mayflower's success is dependent upon a third-party system ( over which Spokt and it's affiliates have no control, we will do our best to retreive a comprehensive, ordered export of your data in a timely manner and to the extent of our access.

*** We aim for your complete satisfaction, and we will do everything we can to help ensure the smoothest possible transfer of your data from to your new Spokt Hub. Please understand that Spokt cannot claim liability for mistakes arising from user error surrounding the migration process. Please initiate your site migrations carefully. Due to the nature of Mayflower's product pipeline, once a site migration is ordered, refunds cannot be issued. Should there be a major fault for which Spokt is responsible, Spokt will review and determine whether the situation can be remedied, or whether a refund is warranted. As always, please contact support at if you feel you have encountered an error.

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