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Frequently Asked Questions
These questions are created by users like you when you contact Spokt.com.
Q: How much does it cost?

Our current plan allows you to upload up to 15gb of data for $59/year. Each additional 5 gigabytes of data is just $19/year.

Q: Why “spokt”? (pronounced “spoked”)

A: Everything else was taken ;)

It is also suggestive of “speaking” or keeping in touch and since our users are organized into hubs it also hints at hubs and spokes.

Of course it's been verbified - have you spokt today?

Q: Will Spokt send me SPAM?

A: Nope.

We hate SPAM as much as you do and refuse to SPAM you. See our privacy policy for specifics.

A valuable feature of Spokt is that it notifies users of new content on a daily basis. Any user can choose not to receive these notifications (or receive them less frequently) by editing their profile preferences. These emails are only sent when there is new content.

Q: How do I delete photos and posts?

A: If you are a hub admin you can delete the posts or replies from any other members. There is a small icon to the lower right of all posts, click it to see a menu where you can delete or edit any post. If you are not the hub admin you can only delete your own comments.

After another user replies to your comment you will no longer be able to delete it since it would also remove their comment.

One of the benefits of Spokt is that after a while you have a rich history of conversations with your group. It really is great to go back and re-read past conversations.

Q: How do I delete a hub?

A: If you do not want to be in a hub you simply leave. Click "Edit Account" from the site header. Click Preferences. You'll see a list of your hub memberships, click "Leave" on any hubs you wish to not be a part of.

If you created a hub admin and wish to leave you may need to promote another admin first. Click "Manage Hub." You'll see a list of hub members, once you've promoted another Admin you can click "Remove" by your own name. You may also remove yourself if you are the only hub member. Done.

Q: How do I promote another Admin?

A: If you are a hub admin you can promote other members to admin. Click "Manage Hub" in the left menu. You'll see a list of hub members and an Admin column. Click in the admin column to promote/demote to your hearts content.

Q: Can I use HTML?

A: Yes. You can use certain HTML tags in the body of your posts (News, Photos, Videos, & Replies) These are the HTML tags we allow: strong, a, img, i, b, div, span, p, br, em, blockquote, cite, pre. Use them if you know what you are doing.

Q: Can I embed YouTube Videos?

A: Yes. Just paste the youtube embed code. We also allow videos embedded from Vimeo.

Q: Why Can't I log out? or log in?

A: If you are unable to log out you will need to delete your cookie files. Deleting your cookies (once) should indefinitely resolve this issue.

Instructions for removing cookie files

We're sorry for the inconvenience but everything we have tried on our end does not seem to remove them.

Q: Can Spokt check my spelling?

A: Spokt does not offer spell checking and currently there are no plans to add that feature. There is an easy way to have spell check on this site as well as every other site on the internet: Get a new browser.

Many people use Microsoft's Internet Explorer (the little blue icon) - it does not have a spell check feature but there are alternatives such as Chrome and Safari. These two world-class web browsers offer many features that Internet Explorer doesn't and are both completely free.

If you are curious about the benefits please click on the link to the right to try Safari or Chrome.

Q: Can I upload videos?

A: YES! You can upload your own videos. Read about this at our blog videos on Spokt

You can also embed videos into your posts from sites like youtube. Just copy the "old embed" script from the video site and paste it into your post. It is another fun way to share videos you find online with your hub members.

Q: I forgot my username, what do I do?

A: Use the username & password recovery tool here: Forgot Username or password?

Q: What if Spokt is dumb and I want to quit?

A: Spokt offers one of the best money-back guarantees across the whole world wide web. We are confident that you'll love Spokt, and you have 75 days to prove us right. If you decide we're looney and you want your money back, simply contact us at http://spokt.com/contact and let us know you'd like to break up. We'll be friendly about it. We promise.

Have a question that isn't answered above?Let us know and we'll get back to you very soon.

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